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a area company cutting 65 letter to employees and what it has all affect on the employee's and the region. morning at 60 1:00 a.m. we'll weather and traffic to cover. >> a picture is worth a thousand words a look of downtown cedras's, we're currently shrouded in fog and we're going to deal with morning fog all around the bay area as we head into the afternoon the fog will push back and we will see such a warm conditions.
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temperatures in the '60s '70s and '80s. i was awful breakdown of your weather how is the traffic? >> no hot spots and bridges around the area are doing very well we are watching an accident report on the nimitz freeway to make sure it doesn't turn into a hotspot the u.s. coast guard is looking for a zero missing windsurfer she went missing around coyote point this is the area where she went missing quilter and is standing by a coast guard headquarters purre.
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>> they have been searching for gabby could count all night. there is a news conference going on right now that's join in >> our around 720 last night and 62 year-old woman out of a loss all post she was going out win serving for 30 minutes he reported her overdue by 6:30 p.m. we have surged 82 square miles we're continuing our search at first light this morning durin. the waves are very, now
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and the temperature of the what it is than 70 degrees her survival rate is very good right now it is not a body out there so we are having good searching conditions during it is difficult because we have not found any evidence. it
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is always a good idea to let have electronic device on annual with gps tracking information she is a very strong swimmer and an avid windsurfer she was very experienced she has a radio and have a not received any calls on it yet. >> that was heather lamberts stepping out from the u.s. coast guard headquarters. there is still searching now that the light is up there are going to refuel the helicopters then switched careers we are here to monitor the situation in the
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meantime more updates as they become available >> family and friends of the missing seven bay area fishermen they are not losing how plein-air raising money to have a design team godown and search the fishing boat. the fund- raiser will be hassled and danville 20 percent of the sales will be donated to the fund to help the family. >> 9% of the worldwide a workforce francisco will be laid off. the company will
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be cutting back 15% well on the level of vice presidents 2100 are could select early retirement packages. >> it is always a concern and something we watch it helps provide benefits to employees parents' fault and also for finding jobs for employees and other locations. as we understand it pink slips will be going out the first week of august. >> this is the latest on the print phone hacking scandal
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rupert murdoch's getting ready to testify in front of parliament there i. these are photographs of a group ormoc on his way to testify. it was warmed by photographers. he is going to testify along with his son the police chief that had resigned said he is embarrassed that his officers were acting as informants to the news media. we will get more video of what is happening
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in london and bring it on to you.
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breaking news at 6:12 a.m. will trend is standing by what have you learned >> good news to pass on space-bar did 62 year-old capt feddan she was in the water and was safe she is being taken to the medical team to examine be examined. you were getting ready for a news conference and you got a phone call >> we learned this 62 year- old woman has been found one of the helicopters picked her up she is in stable condition she is doing well
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it is a referral to us that she was found we have been searching their most of the evening between coyote point and san mateo bridge we regret to go further north to candlestick park if we did not find. did you have any details that you waver arms we do not have any details. >> it is a very challenging area that helicopters helped us out tremendously. >> your murder first here on kron 4 morning news they found the missing
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windsurfer she is being checked out by doctors at this time. a helicopter spotted her and she seems to be ok search is over good news. >> it'll be fascinating to hear what happened and how she survived over nine we are going to take a quick break it is now 6:14 a.m.. you
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seeing sunny conditions and we will have to contend with the morning fog. temperatures are on the warmer side we are seeing upper 50s lower 60s right now parents' as we head into the afternoon we will see 60 '70s and '80s and this is a
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breakdown of the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. and mr. a '70s and '80s. this is a look of your seven day forecast we are going to see temperatures in the upper 90s. as we head to the
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weekend we will once again see a drop in the temperature and then morning things up once again on sunday. >> retry it were ride around the bay area. on the upper deck of the bay bridge still looks good is going into san francisco. san mateo bridge nice and easy ride and the golden gate bridge problem free a little flock are around mid span no delays parents' there was an
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accident northbound 98th avenue but it has not turned into a hotspots. >> new details in the bay area of bank robbery police have just released a photo taken at the wells fargo bank. this is look of the man they're looking for. he made threats and showed a gun and took off with a cash a black male 25 to 30 years of age and the house of goatee. this same bank was brought in march a mailman delivers a
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suspects to police this letter carrier notice three guys haiti around the house when he noticed the backyard gate open he called 911 officers got there and they'd word the german bauhaus had been burglarized. >> 6:22 a.m. the latest on that missing windsurfer was found after spending the night in the bay. and also robert murdoch is testifying in parliament we will have more on this and other news stories when we return @p@po'
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. stock market soars start down today the housing report is due and also amazon i got the okay from not california sales tax. the state has approved a the petition clorox is turning down an offer carl icon offered money to clorox parents'
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clorox is adopting a all shareholders icon dues is the biggest shareholder of clorox. >> buy a house is expected to vote on a tea party plan it'll probably go nowhere it is called a cut cab and balance plan. it is trying to a override this first- ever default the white house has promised to veto it if it ever reaches his desk. >> we will take another look
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at wall street and watch where this eds. we'll be right back [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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>> >> the opening bell on the dow jones did not have much success yesterday we will see what happens today. >> it is now 6:30 a.m. and this is look from our roof camera and you conceive that cloud cap hanging over the city. >> fog is a big story this morning and visibility can be challenged but there is
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light at the end of the tunnel warmer at sunny conditions as we head into the afternoon hours. this is all look of your temperatures around the area. we're going to see temperatures by tomorrow. we will have a look of the seven day forecast on my next report >> still an easy ride a on the road way. we are tracking out what could be of hotspot on 880 northbound direction the delays heading
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to the accident we reported earlier. >> we reported a story of a woman being missing. she was a windsurfer and a was just north of the san mateo bridge and now we are going to talk to welter and he has been at headquarters. >> they found her 25 minutes ago and happy news to her family and friends more information is coming out she is out of the water and joining me is a member of the u.s. coast guard where
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were she found an hour she found? >> she was found just under the high rise of the san mateo bridge the helicopter was up in the air around 5:54 a.m. this search was designed to search the shoreline. we were looking and looks and crannies. i'm not sure what that helicopter saw but she was in the water will we picara. why did it take over night to find her?
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>> certain conditions were good at but the darkness did not help us. we are happy it has a happy ending the water temperature was 70 degrees also her experience helped her out. her ability is they offload overnight and stay
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strong overnight. >> thank you so much the search for 82 nautical miles she was carrying a radio at the time but did not have a gps system she was in the water and we are is trying to find out more information and she will be at the hospital getting checked out. and also she was wearing i wet suit. >> this just in to those kron 4 in news a room. four
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months after the japanese tsunami they have based their assessment of the radiation around the plant parents' the temperatures at the bottom of the reactor are no longer climbing. processing contaminated water is now working. it triggered a worldwide crisis. >> 6:36 a.m. we're going to show you a live picture outside will be right back
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we're taking a look at their satellite picture of the fog it is currently sitting over the golden gate bridge. the good news we are still dealing with low cloud we have a warming trend on taps >> is might look familiar to
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us. is a giant wall of dust that rolled through phoenix once again yesterday. it created dangerous driving conditions and canceled flights this does wall was 3,000 ft. high and wind gusts were 40 m.p.h. it covered a quarter mile in some areas >> the spatial of allegis has left the international space station. they were sorry to learn and 50 mi. above the a landed when they separated the shuttle is too black to earth on thursday.
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the atlantis left over one year's supply and also give first flag at that sloop's on a shuttle perry >> dow jones is now other are trading up today. we will take look of the bay bridge you can see we cannot see the top of the bridge because of the fog we will check whether and traffic when we return
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>> we're attracting top spot spot on the nimitz parkway it will battle little extra time to your northbound drive it should only cost you three or four minutes. that is the only incident this morning. no delays on the bridges barr. >> start of this morning over looking at mt. tam a gorgeous shot 40 of you will
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have to contend with some morning fog as we head into the afternoon, sunday warmer conditions have fog will work constrainreturn to the coae are going to see warmer conditions this is a look of current temperatures right now. we're going and have
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temperatures in the '60s '70s and '80s later on this afternoon. we're going to see a warming trend as we head into tomorrow temperatures could go into the '90s. as we push into the weekend we will see warm
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sunny weather. >> 6:49 a.m. the man had died in the officer involved a shooting. the 19 year-old man was identified as kenneth harding he was just released from jail three months ago he has been convicted of three felonies in the past three years he was also linked to a murder in washington state to a murder of a 19 year old pregnant girl. he was killed at the scene at in the offers are involved shooting. investigators said he was running away from
6:50 am
police officers turned and fired on the officers. officers for then forced to return fire. police are going to have a discussion with people in the neighborhood of about what happened. >> the subject of racial profiling was brought to the attention add u.s. air ways ticket counter the naacp at the airport they are asking for the airlines to issue an apology and have the employees go through sensitive. he was arrested
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for refusing to leave the of flight. >> rice and york are going to talk about balance the athletics and education. they help at risk boys. >> august 1st it will be nine months since% francisco giants brought home of the world series trophy. now the giants are looking for a baby they can call their own there in this is a contest where they are
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looking for the baby was born closest to when the giants won the world series title. parents' have until july 31st entered the contest. >> it is 6:52 a.m. and we are checking that fog and san francisco is under overcast conditions .
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>> jennifer lopez and and once she is ending her marriage after seven years. justin beiber and azzolino gomez crashed a wedding over the weekend. product they had just had dinner, the walking on the beach. they heard a justin beiber song playing, they went walking up and it was a wedding. >> i am sure no one minded. >> 6:57 a.m., we are back with more in a little bit. >> the fog is what we're talking about with the weather, of course a warm-up is scheduled
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for tomorrow. a full report in a minute.
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